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BLQ-Bois Gris

BLQ-Bois Gris

BLQ-Bois Gris, our premium engineered European oak masterpiece. Crafted from 100% sustainably sourced European oak, this flooring whispers tales of calming coastal landscapes and windswept shorelines, bringing a touch of tranquility to any space.

Unleash the magic of soft, sophisticated greys:

    • Captivating Cool Tones: BLQ-Bois Gris' exquisite blend of light and dark grays creates a calming and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for contemporary and minimalist interiors.
    • Modern Elegance: The subtle grain patterns and brushed finish add depth and character, while remaining understated and timeless.
    • Unmatched Versatility: Choose from three versatile grades – Rustic, Light Rustic, and Select – to find the perfect shade and texture to complement your unique style.
    • Effortless Living: Enjoy a smooth installation process and easy cleaning, leaving you free to savor the serenity of your haven.
    • Sustainable Luxury: Feel good knowing your floor is crafted from sustainably sourced European oak, ensuring the longevity of our forests for future generations.

Transform your home with BLQ-Bois Gris:

    • Bedroom Bliss: Wake up to the tranquility of a coastal retreat with calming grey tones and soft textures. Large windows and natural light enhance the airy feel, making your bedroom a true sanctuary.

    • Living Room Oasis: Create a haven of relaxation with plush furniture and calming accents. The cool tones of BLQ-Bois Gris create a sense of spaciousness and invite moments of shared joy.

    • Culinary Inspiration: Elevate your kitchen to a gourmet haven with the timeless elegance of BLQ-Bois Gris. The versatile grey tones pair beautifully with stainless steel appliances and sleek countertops, creating a space that's both functional and breathtakingly beautiful.

Explore Beyond: Discover a world of possibilities with our curated selection of home decor and flooring solutions, each detail echoing the spirit of coastal tranquility and modern sophistication.

Embark on your journey to serene living with BLQ-Bois Gris. Request a quote today and bring the calm home!


Thickness: 5/8"

Grade: Rustic, Light Rustic, Select

Price per square foot available upon request.

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Our materials are sensibly sourced from our CE-certififed partners in Europe who share our commitment to ethical manufacturing.

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We provide an elevated sourcing experience, characterized by dedicated service, limitless customization, and direct-to-consumer pricing.


Ordering Samples

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We know how important it is to see and feel the materials that will make up your home. Our website has the most up-to-date inventory, with all materials available as samples that can be shipped straight to you.

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Once you have received your samples and made your initial selections, you can either request larger panels for a better representation of color and grade or proceed with sending project plans so we can begin estimations. Once pricing is approved, we will send a Proforma invoice.

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Once your invoice is paid, we will prepare to ship your hardwoods. In-stock selections may arrive within 7-10 days, while special orders typically take 9-11 weeks to account for shipping from Europe. Our team handles every logistical step, beginning at the supplier and ending at the jobsite.