Chain of supply support in the forestry sector.

Our Mission

With over 10 years in the wholesale / to-the-trade business, we have imported hundreds of containers from all over South and Central America. With a strong wholesale customer base in the US and Canada; we are now able to take the next step and offer the same wholesale capabilities, locally and specifically catering to home builders and developers to offer a true flooring sourcing solution. Cost efficient, real post-sale follow up and logistical management with the capability to procure virtually ANY hardwood flooring wholesale pricing. 


Procurement made easy

We fill in the gaps. One of the most challenging aspects of international trade is communication; establishing sound business relationships with potential suppliers that are thousands of miles away can prove to be a difficult task. As much as technology and globalization have influenced the way business is done today, nothing replaces personal interaction and solid business relationships built with time and trust. We want our customers not to worry about supply chain development but focus in sales and business growth.

Product development

With our vast network of suppliers and manufacturing partners in various regions we are able to offer a turn key supply chain and manage all aspects involved in product development,procurement and logistics.Our supply chain encompasses Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala in Central America. Some of the products we offer: Rough sawn lumber,decking, hardwood flooring (solid and engineered), outdoor furniture (manufactured by Tramontina) and hand made custom furniture made in Peru by our partner Kanto Home.

What We've Achieved

  • Key partnership with 3 major mills in South Brasil to fulfill decking and rough sawn lumber demand. Our capacity exceeds 15 containers per month, per species.
  • Developed capacity to offer a private label in an engineered European Oak line, manufactured by the second largest flooring manufacturer in their region.
  • Developed procurement operations in Central American region for unfinished solid flooring in species otherwise not cost effective or with unstable availability when coming from South America; Santos Mahogany and Cumaru
  • Secured a reliable network of partnerships with local agents (outsourced and as our own) in order to conduct quality control procedures for all shipments.